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How Green Is It?

A nonprofit focused on educating individuals and businesses on living green.
Mission Statement

Through providing information on how one can reduce their carbon footprint and negative environmental impact, “How Green Is It?” aspires to influence businesses and individuals to become more aware of how they affect the environment and assist consumers in purchasing green goods and services.

Allstate Motor Club 

Roadside Assistance Mobile App messaging

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road alone.
One-touch and we know where you are and what to do. 

Adobe Systems

OpenHD Program
Marketing messaging for OpenHD program. 

Adobe OpenHD is an alliance of industry leaders whose goal is to solve some of the mystery that exists when considering a solution for creating DV, HD or 2K content.

Banner ad for website messaging and design.

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Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation 

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation connects people and opportunities, generating resources to build a more caring, creative, and effective community.
Messaging and graphics for Give Back Tahoe fundraising campaign.

Tahoe memories last forever. Preserve future memories. On your way back, give back.

Leave behind card front


TTCF, preserving Truckee and North Lake Tahoe for future generations.

Website banner

Truckee Trails Foundation 

Trails advocacy non-profit 
Mission statement

Creating a community where people have access to their vast backyard, where kids and adults can ride their bikes safely to school and to work, where trails connect people both to the outdoors and to their neighbors. 


Red Giant 

Visual Effects Pug-ins for Digital Video
Messaging for Studios

An online studio and filmmakers network.  

Get Paid 

An online movie studio powered by a social network where filmmakers can connect, collaborate and get paid on projects.

Studios Homepage 


ATI FireGL Graphics Card
Marketing messaging for release of new graphics cards

Innovation Accelerating Application Performance  

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Data Sheet

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Truckee Trails Foundation 

Trails advocacy non-profit 
Bike Route Map - created design, messaging and graphics. Managed the entire bike route project.

Truckee Trails History
For thousands of years, Native Americans used trails to migrate through the Truckee Basin hunting large game, fishing and gathering medicinal plants. The earliest known Europeans to travel through the Truckee Basin were Spanish explorer-priests who, in 1776, were hoping to discover an overland route from New Mexico to Monterey, California while spreading Christianity among Indians. In the 19th century, Emigrants traveled the Truckee trails in search of a better life.

Agriculture was also a significant part of the development of Truckee trails. To escape the heat of the central valley, ranchers moved their herds of cattle north to the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the Truckee Basin became their summer pasture.

Today the trails are used for fun and adventure, for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and skiing. Truckee Trails Foundations goal is to provide the Truckee area with a network of trails and bike paths for fun, adventure, and alternative transportation.

We hope this first-ever Truckee Bike Route Map will be a useful guide for your on-street and off-the-beaten-path exploration of all that Truckee has to offer. The map includes all existing on-street bike lanes and bike routes, as well as locations of mountain bike trailheads in and around Truckee. Enjoy your adventures and please write us at info@truckeetrails.org to tell us about them!

For more information visit www.truckeetrails.org 

Truckee Trails Foundation 

Trails advocacy non-profit
Truckee Trails Foundation Membership Drive 

Join Us!

A membership in the Truckee Trails Foundation will assist in the development of a trails system throughout Truckee and to points beyond.

Annual Membership Fees:
Student (under 18) $10
Individual $20
Family $50
Business Partner $100

*Donating time, goods, and larger dollar amounts are key to future trails. Please give us a call for more information.

Support efforts to improve alternative forms of transportation and help to build more bike routes and trails by advertising in the Truckee Bike Route Map.  Advertising dollars pay for producing the map and all proceeds from map sales go directly to the Truckee Trails Foundation (TTF). The TTF’s vision is a community where we have trail access to our mountainous backyard, a community where kids and adults can ride their bikes safely to school and to work, a community where trails not only connect people to the outdoors… but also people to their neighbors. The map will promote bike-friendly businesses, encourage locals and visitors to take advantage of the bike routes and generate awareness of the need for alternative forms of transportation.

1st level of advertising is an icon identifying you on the map. $75.00
2nd level of advertising is an icon with a short description and location information. $150.00
3rd level of advertising is a 1 x 2 ad of your choice. $150.00

Advertisers who advertise at the level 2 category are eligible for being in the description of 3 perfect days of riding. There will be a section on the map describing where to go, what to see, where to start, where to end and where to stop for lunch or a snack.

All advertisers on the map will also be given several maps to sell at their location.

Adobe Systems

OpenHD Program
Trip Report for HD Expo

Author: Michelle Gartner, DV Product Marketing Consultant
Event: HD Expo LA
Date: November 2nd 2006, 1pm – 8pm
Location: Studio Cty Hilton Convention Center Los Angeles
Attendance: 3,500 - surpassed prior years

Show Theme: HD workflow for content creation. An afternoon filled with panels, workshops, exhibits, networking and hands-on opportunities with industry leaders answering questions about HD workflows and what’s necessary to create HD content. 

Adobe Presence: 8x10 booth
Adobe Co-sponsored 4 8x10 booths:
                           Black Magic

Partner Presence: Bluefish
Reseller Presence: DV411
                             Keycode Media

Adobe Goals & Objectives:
Brand Awareness:  Elevate the Adobe brand and market awareness within the professional video community through the OpenHD initiative and through assistance with notable video and other partner brands including HP, Intel, AMD and Dell
Establish a Video Partner Ecosystem:  Offer deeper partnership and profitability for Adobe Partners, create more visibility within partner driven marketing and driving more revenue for Adobe
Expand Reseller Value Prop/Drive more revenue: Offer deeper partnership and profitability for Adobe Reseller Partners, while driving more revenue for Adobe

HD Expo LA was a terrific opportunity to promote OpenHD to a targeted market in a demographic where HD is becoming more popular.

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PR and News

Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation connects people and opportunities, generating resources to build a more caring creative and effective community.
News Letter For Last Splash Fundraising Campaign

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF) launches new end of summer fundraising campaign with a Splash!

Last Splash Give Back is a creative way to encourage donations from second homeowners, tourists, and the community. The donations go directly to TTCF's programs and administration that support Direct Grantmaking, Community Leadership and Strengthen Nonprofits.

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Adobe Systems

OpenHD Program
HD Expo News Letter Article for the Adobe OpenHD Program.
HD Expo produces premier industry events for the production and content creation communities.

What is Adobe OpenHD? In the world of High Definition (HD) production anyone wanting to create HD content is presented with a myriad of options that often leave them confused and bewildered. Adobe OpenHD is an alliance of industry leaders whose goal is to solve some of the mystery that exists when considering a solution for creating HD content.

By offering customers scalable, open, and certified solutions to support any popular HD format, Adobe OpenHD provides an efficient way for customers to purchase turnkey solutions and gain expert support for the ever-changing world of HD content creation and post-production.

Adobe and the Adobe OpenHD partners achieve this by assembling and certifying a line of open, scalable, desktop and portable HDV, HD, SD and 2K solutions with Adobe Production Studio. This range of solutions is based upon industry-standard video, graphics, and Windows®-based computers, which allow industry professionals to get the best performance, scalability and reliability possible.   By thoroughly testing and certifying the OpenHD configurations, the Adobe OpenHD program gives customers confidence that the OpenHD system purchased will operate at the optimal performance level for their workflow. They can be assured that they're getting a reliable system that provides the performance necessary for any level of production and includes dedicated Adobe OpenHD support.

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Adobe Systems
OpenHD Program
HD Expo Workshop Announcement

From 2:00pm - 5:00pm in the Club Room
Adobe and Matrox will be hosting the intensive workshop: From Ingest to Distribution.
This FREE workshop focuses on a multitude of facets relating to real-world production and the most recent Adobe support for the latest cameras including the Panasonic P2 DVCPRO HD and other popular HDV cameras from Canon, JVC and Sony. Workshop highlights include: 
  • Learn how to Input direct to disk or capture off tape with Adobe Production Studio. 
  • From green screen set-up for the best image quality to editing and pre-visualizing in the field with new portable workstation technology 
  • How to export from HDV, HD and SD formats for distribution on a number of platforms in a variety of formats. 
  • Encoding Flash for web or for Mobile phones, learn how to diversify and empower your content distribution ability.
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Truckee Green Network  

A networking nonprofit connecting partners that are fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship.
Welcoming Sagehen Creek to the network

I want to welcome the Sagehen Creek Field Station as the newest partner. A field station is an experimental natural environment for biological research, hydrological studies, ecology, climate change studies, and environmental education. It's amazing to have something of such historical and environmental importance right in our back yard! 

Sagehen Creek was originally developed by the Berkeley University School of Forestry and Conservation in 1951 and is now overseen by several entities. The Leopold family was instrumental in creating the Sagehen Creek Field Station, as they were in many other endeavors through over 3 generations of environmental stewardship.

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Sierra Sun News Paper

How Green Is It? Column

How Green Is It? Examining Light Bulbs

As a bi-product of the industrial revolution, the US is the world's largest producer of Carbon Dioxide as a whole and per capita. Since we are the pioneers who created most of the elements that produce carbon emissions it's our responsibility to lead the campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

Many of us have the sincere desire to reduce our carbon footprint, but what does that really mean? Carbon footprint is a measure of environmental impact directly related to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the combustion of non-renewable resources. No, it isn't a direct correlation to your shoe size. Essentially it is a measurement of the energy used to produce, use and dispose of a product, commonly known as the product life cycle. Well, if you have a large foot there's a good possibility that your product consumption is relative to its size. There are other effects that also impact the environment, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, erosion, and land use. It's crucial to consider the complete picture when looking at reducing your impacts on the environment.

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How Green Is It? Column

How Green Is It? Examining Light Bulbs Cont…

Thomas Edison was not the inventor of electric light. Like technology today the inventors aren't usually the ones to bring a product to market successfully. Experiments with electric arc lamps date back to 1801. Sir Joseph Swann invented and patented the evacuated carbon filament incandescent lamp in 1878, around the same time Edison was experimenting. Edison was able to make it more efficient and partner with Swann to create a complete lighting system.

The first incandescent bulbs made by Edison converted around 1% of the electrical energy they used to light. When products are first brought to market they aren't necessarily preeminent. As technology improved, a tungsten filament replaced the carbon making them 10% more efficient. Ingenuity, such as putting halogen element gas into the bulb, allowed filaments to last longer. Halogen incandescent bulbs are about 15% more efficient and last almost 3 times longer than a traditional tungsten bulb. Of the remaining 80% - 90% of electrical energy transferred into a modern incandescent most is changed into invisible infra-red radiation or heat.

Peter Cooper Hewitt, a nearly forgotten inventor, created an arc lamp that used mercury. Low-pressure arc lamps put out large amounts of dangerous ultra-violet light, so the insides were coated with a fluorescent chemical, blocking out the harmful UV rays and creating fluorescent light. Essentially CFLs are mini tanning lights with a protective coating.

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How Green Is It? Column

How Green Is It? A Learning Experience

I was at the drug store the other day looking for non-acetone nail polish remover all proud of myself for thinking green, but when I got it home I rubbed for over 20 minutes only to end up with blotchy red spots on my toenails. I got back in my car, drove back to the drugstore and purchased the more toxic nail polish remover. I burned excess fossil fuel, wasted a plastic container filled with useless chemicals and in the end purchased a toxic product. Go ahead, turn up your nose at me and say, how environmentally friendly is nail polish anyway? Well, not very, but red toenails in the summer are just one of those things that a girl's just gotta have. And guys I know some of you have had a pedicure and enjoyed it!

So, what's the balance? That's up to you. Becoming greener is a learning process. As I go through the day I try to think about things that will support my quest to make less of a negative impact on the environment. Big thanks to my mother who always reminded me to "TURN OFF THE LIGHTS" this is so deeply ingrained in me that I turn off lights at friends houses and if I see that one of my part-time neighbors has left their porch lights on I have to restrain myself from unscrewing their light bulbs.

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Green Drinks Tahoe

Green Drinks event announcement 

Green Drinks Tahoe Event

Join us at Rocker@Squaw for the first Green Drinks Tahoe
Wednesday, July 10th 6pm – 8pm  

"What are you doing to free yourself from dirty energy dependence?"  

Rocker@Squaw will be offering drink specials and a food special, that incorporates local, sustainably raised, items. 

Blue Moon $3 beer specials for the event!
An extended, beer only, happy hour
Food special, with a meat, or vegetarian option, for $10 per plate.  

Featured Guests  
  • Squaw - Discussion about Squaw's restoration and retrofitting efforts in becoming more sustainable  
  • Sustainable Tahoe - Information on accessing activities that increase connection with the environment and provide good clean fun!  
  • Truckee River Watershed Council - Providing education and information on stream restoration  
  • Tahoe Food Hub - Educating attendees on the regional food system they are developing to bring nutritious, ecologically grown, foods to the area.  
  • Growing Domes - Providing education on how to grow food in the Sierra region  
  • Organize 2 Live Green - Educating attendees on what it takes to Live Green 

We encourage you to use alternative forms of transportation. There will be bike racks available and schedules for the New water shuttle, buses and all your transportation needs are below.  

Contact: Michelle Gartner at magicdoor@mac.com