UX Design, Content Strategy, and Workflows


Studios, an online movie studio powered by a social network where filmmakers can connect, collaborate and get paid for projects.
Product Manager managing the entire development and design process creating Messaging and user experience.


Shows all Active Projects, Project Updates (News), Access to Inbox and Network Activity (Updates from connections)

A robust search interface for Gigs, Project, People, and specific Shots.

Mobile Interface
A simple, but powerful interface for adding and setting parameters for Shots.

Studios Reputation Rating, Rating Members with Beers

Wrote and defined the concept.

Beer is used as a Reputation Rating where users give a beer to People, Projects, or Shots as a kudos. Users are limited in how they can get beers to give away and how they can give them away is guided.

Facebook has "Likes." Studios has Beer. You can give someone a virtual Beer as a free and effortless way of thanking them for some work or showing support for what they're doing.

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New check ordering UI and workflow.
Designed a new user experience and developed content

Check Details

Company Info with message

Bank Information with message

Quick Order Wireframes


1-Click Order Wireframe

Workflow Quick Order and 1-Click Order


AJA Video Systems

XENA 2K Video Card with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Software
Hardware and Software Workflow


Charles Schwab

Schwab Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and reviews for brokerage and savings accounts




DocXtools is software that is used for customizing styles and managing styles for Microsoft Word documents and templates.
Designed a new user experience moving away from XML scripting into a GUI environment.

Creating a new configuration

Map paragraph attributes to styles
After choosing to create a new configuration file user loads an existing Word file that is analyzed to gather all the style information.

Displaying file on Dashboard after the file is analyzed

It's often necessary to take an old template and update it to match a new template.

Mapping Old Templates to New Templates

Node design for style rules

Workflow for mapping old styles to new styles

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